The Friendship Treehouse

About the book

I came up with the idea for this book while thinking of a way to help my kids realize the importance of building their friendship and how to do it. It had to be simple and it had to captivate their imagination. I had always longed for a treehouse as a kid (still waiting for one) and thought that it had the magical and inclusive quality that would be the embodiment of an important relationship. It is something that takes time to develop and care to maintain and grow.

I hope that you enjoy sharing this story with the children in your lives and that it helps you in your quest to teach them how to be compassionate and caring people. Feel free to incorporate the Friendship Treehouse into your daily conversations. When your kids are not getting along, ask them to think of how their actions are affecting their treehouse. Praise them for how much their treehouse is growing as they share kind words with each other. Get creative and find what works for you!

Cover art for the book